Line Science
Graphic Design & Illustration

The Artist



Creative, hard working artist who stands out. Specializing in digital illustration, I have a unique mix of creativity, time management, problem solving and technical skill, proven by 15+ years of experience in professional studios as well as freelancing. 

I have successfully self published and marketed a comic book series of my own creation. I designed the comics cover to cover as well as stickers and poster to sell at comic conventions around Colorado. The trade show booth I designed was both eye catching and successful at turning a profit at every show I attended.

I  also work as a large scale muralist around Colorado. Creating eye catching art and working with clients to achieve specific goals within each mural. These designs have achieved high praise from the clients and the communities that have my art on display.

Excellent communicator and quick to grasp new concepts. I have a lot of experience collaborating with clients to achieve impressive art on time. I am highly reliable and have not missed any deadlines with my clients.